The Nutty Mutt Story

It all started on a cold, winter day when Abby Marx decided to bake her dog some homemade dog treats.  Abby is autistic, and she and her dog Nikita have a very special bond--so special that Abby wanted to bake treats for her that were better than what came out of a box.  Nikita could smell the treats baking, and she waited by the oven all afternoon.  When Nikita ate her first homemade treat, she went "nuts" and begged for more.  Abby knew that she had baked something that tasted awfully good to a dog.  As Abby's mom, Jamie, watched that day, she realized what a good business this might be for Abby, and a partnership between a mother and a daughter and a dog became the Nutty Mutt Bakery.

Abby has an extraordinary love for animals, and she is hoping to show that entrepreneurship is a possibility for anyone.  The Nutty Mutt has grown from a home kitchen to a thriving retail bakery. Although Kita is now only in our hearts, we had 15 years of her going to work with Abby every day. 

Nutty Mutt dog treats are freshly-baked, using only the best human-grade ingredients.  All of the treats are corn and soy-free (many wheat-free), with no artificial preservatives, added salt or sugar, or by-products--ever.   You may not be able to smell the treats baking, but do come in and look around.  Your dog will love you for it!



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